The company was established in the late 2000′s to regroup the farming activities of a reputable Anglo-French family in Central and Eastern Europe. Farming has been the historical activity of the family, as can be seen from the family crest, and can be traced back at least to the 17th Century in Southern France where the family was focusing, and still are, on Orchards and Vineyards. The Family’s agricultural involvment can also be traced in Shropshire for over three centuries.

In the 19th century, the family used their farming proceeds to branch out in the fishing and canning industry establishing in St-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie in France a fishing fleet and canning factory considered at the time as top of the art. Using high quality products, fish from their own fleet and olive oil from their own orchards, together with high hygienic processes (part of the family has always trained as doctors establishing, as a side business, the local clinic which is still in operations), the cans were exported all over France and Europe. The canning business was sold in the 1970′s but the family has remained actively involved in the shipping industry to this very day.

In the early 1990′s, through their shipping activity, the family became involved together with Scandinavian partners in the forestry industry in Russia’s Siberia forests dealing with everything from harvesting to the delivery by specialised ship to final users in Japan for the pulp and paper industry. Whilst the Russian activity has been sold, the family remains involved in the forestry industry in France and England.

In the late 1990′s, the family invested in farming and milk production in Brazil through a large farm in the Nordeste region with thousands of hectares of grazing land and forests. The focus was on high quality milk for Nestle and high quality meat for the local market through the usage of a mix bread of Indian Cows (for their adaptability to the climate and self-sufficiency in the fields) and Frisian cows (for their productivity in milk and meat). The farm was run by a swiss team to swiss standards respecting Unesco guidelines on deforestation and local development. Having successfully established the business it was sold in the early 2000′s.

In the mid-2000′s the family decided to focus their attention and investments (both in real estate and in farming) to Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2005 the family has been acquiring agricultural land, operation centers and silos in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia rented out to local farmers and International Groups. Farming was spread between JF Hamilton Agricultural Land sro, Landwealth CZ sro, Drivedale CZ sro.

In 2008, following a fruitful encounter with a group of experienced farm managers headed by William England, the family decided to start actively farming their own land and investing more in farming.

In 2010, it was decided to develop the activity by regrouping all the Central and Eastern European farming activities under Hamilton Farms, recruit additional farm managers and extend the focus to Ukraine.

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