As any other investment of the family, Hamilton Farms is structured as a Fund which is registered in a reputable jurisdiction. Whilst the family remains the only investor, this allows individual family members to join in investments as they wish, it allows third party investors to join at a later stage and when the time is right an easier process of sale or listing.

Hamilton Farms is also structured in two different ‚Sub-Funds’, allowing individual family members to allocate/manage their expected return and risk:

  • One focuses on the operations and farming of land benefitting from experienced farm managers working within the Group. The company’s strategy is to acquire under-performing or bankrupt farm operations, to apply specific cost reduction management decisions and simplification of production schemes allowing a quick turn around of the operation results.
  • The other one focuses on owning agricultural land which is then rented out to the farming operation at a fix rent plus market indexation.

The over-all strategy of Hamilton Farms is to:

  • Own, lease and operate farmland within Central Europe.
  • Benefit from the creation of large but inefficient farms under the communistic system.
  • The initial target area is Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Serbia.
  • Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia will be considered in the future.
  • Focus on production of primary agricultural commodities.
  • Consider on a case by case basis added value enterprises.
  • Geographically spread the operations as an important internal risk spread mechanism.
  • Focus on additional bolt on acquisitions to existing clusters.
  • Consider new standalone operations only if they are either strategic or immediately accretive.

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